Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall coming? Quilting, and Weigh Gain...

Wow! 97 degrees last week, and 63 today...We have prayed for weeks for rain, and God has answered with 2 rainy days...

I went to a sew-in this past Saturday and worked on several black and white blocks. All I have to do know is to square them up, sew together, and get it quilted. I won't have enough time to hand quilt it before Christmas....

Things haven't been as good lately health-wise. Since gaining 40 pounds on Lyrica, I had to be weaned off it. It took about a month, and I still weigh way too much :{

Hopefully, in the next 6 weeks, some weight will "fall off"...wish it was that easy!

Since coming off the Lyrica, the neurological pain has exacerbated to an unbelievable level. I am to start Cymbalta for the pain, and I hope to heaven above that the pain goes away, and that I don't gain anymore weight. (Ok folks, just to be honest and to hold myself accountable, I am 4'9" almost, and just topped 170lbs. It was 177# (seven pounds gained in 5 days) but it was fluid.)

So...I'll keep posting.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Family Picture from Hawai'i

Here is a photo of my daughter, Meighan, her husband, Toby, Tommy and Athena. Doesn't look they are happy, huh? I suspect it had been a tiring day for them. (They are the ones living in Hawai'i.

We have been planting bushes today after church. We planted 8 plants that have red berries (gift from a neighbor-she was going to cut them down) and 6 Rose of Sharon bushes (gift from another neighbor). The back yard has such a downward slope that the earth is beginning to erode even faster. So, thanks to the neighbors for the gifts. And compliments to DH for digging and planting.

Have a wonderful holiday.